Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2 years

2 wonderful years since..

and more amazing years to come as we embark on our next adventure..

5 weeks to go.. and we just can't wait! :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

finally, an album..

so finally, just 22 days short of our 2nd anniversary, we finally have a wedding album.. :p

we just got the service only rates of mimi+karl and did not avail of the packages which included albums so as to save on cost.. i figured i could layout our own album and i already had a couple of options for the printer..

after we got our official photos, i got to work on making the albums for our parents.. i chose photobook philippines and got the imagewrap option.. i think photobook was just starting in the philippines then and i wanted to check out the quality..

the outcome was actually pretty good.. so i was seriously considering getting their pro series for our album..

thing is, even with the usual monthly discounts, it's still pretty expensive.. as i was sure i would get extra pages as well as extra accessories.. :p

also, i was still thinking about the traditional albums with thick pages.. and albums that have a lay flat feature..

i spent a lot of time searching.. until i eventually put making our album on hold..

until i got a notification of a 48-hr sale on the xl pro series.. 75% off! it was such a good deal so i snapped it up..

this was around june of last year, and the expiry of the voucher was march of this year.. so of course being the crammer that i am, i forgot about it for the time being.. :p

as 2012 rolled around, i finally got started to making our album.. then came the decision on what cover to use.. gabs wanted leather.. but i wanted buckram simply because i was afraid the leather might look cheap.. and well i wanted silver foil stamping.. then there was also the decision on whether to stick with the 216gsm premium silk or go for the photo lustre..

i searched a lot for reviews on the pro series.. or even just quality photos.. it was hard to get how the whole book will look like from the photos in the photobook website and facebook.. unfortunately i didn't find a lot of resources.. though i found photobookgirl.. she has reviewed quite a lot of photobook vendors.. and it was because of her review that i decided on photo lustre paper.. unfortunately, she doesn't have any review on the pro series.. but i finally decided on leather..

i'm going to end my very long introduction now and finally get on with my review.. :p

let me start with the software..

- easy to use
- you can create your own layout, use your own background, and add your own accent images
- it shows how many times you've used a photo
- you place your order straight from the application

- the layout templates are not very creative and often waste a lot of space
- the provided backgrounds and scrapbook images are more suited for teenage girls
- you can only re-arrange spreads and not pages

overall, the software is pretty good.. the only real problem is if you want it to do everything for you (in terms of design), then you have limited options.. although they did announce that they are planning on enhancing the software and adding a lot of new backgrounds, layouts, and decorative items.. so i'm looking forward to that..

as for the service, there have been complaints recently in their facebook of order delays and support tickets/inquiries not answered.. this is mainly due to a lot of vouchers expiring in the past 2 months which caused problems with the photobook servers and hence high volume of calls and tickets..

but as for my experience, i raised a ticket because of a bug i encountered with the software about 2 weeks before my voucher expiry.. the response was pretty quick.. when it came to placing my order, there was no issue uploading my book on their server.. after my order was confirmed, i doggedly stalked my order status.. so i was able to see it go through the stages of production within 5 days.. after my order was completed, i then doggedly stalked the shipping status.. it shipped from malaysia 5:30pm on friday and arrived at my delivery address at 10am on monday.. so i would say pretty quick turnaround..

now finally.. the book itself..

i ordered a slipcase along with the book.. both the slipcase and the book were blind stamped.. now you see here the advantage of buckram over leather since you can use silver foil stamping on buckram and hence would provide more contrast between your title and the book cover..

the book fits snugly on the slipcase, but it's not difficult to remove nor to return the book inside..

as for the leather, i wouldn't say it was luxurious, but it's not cheap looking either.. and it's still looks and feels better than traditional leather  albums..

i tried to capture the sheen of the photo lustre paper.. it's difficult to show the correct effect.. while it would seem that the sheen causes glare from the photo above, it really doesn't..

i also tried to capture the paper thickness, but again, it's difficult to see.. it's thick for paper, but not yet board level..

given the thickness of the paper and the book, the gutter takes up quite a space.. photos should be placed more towards the outer side.. while the photos weren't eaten up by the binding,  i should have moved the layout more to the outer side..

and for spreads, nothing essential should be near the gutter (which i was able to do :p)..

since i chose photo lustre, i expected more vibrance from the photos.. the colors aren't dull, but just not as vibrant as i was expecting..

here are sample pages.. the colors are still pretty good even if not as vibrant as i was expecting..

overall, i'm happy with the result of our album.. in terms of value for money, i'm ok because of the voucher, but i won't pay full price..

Sunday, April 17, 2011

1 year

1 year since the big day..
1 year of adventures..
1 year of challenges..
1 year of blessings..
1 fabulous year

this is our happily ever after

Sunday, August 22, 2010

supplier rating: mimi+karl

rating system:
3 - great!!
2 - good
1 - hassle

photographer: mimi+karl

photos: 3
service: 3

photography was a top priority for us.. we are both photo hobbyists so we really wanted great wedding photos..

we knew we wanted to book m+k even before we got engaged.. we saw their onsite avp at a friend's wedding and we were impressed.. we just looked at each other and silently agreed that they will be our photographers when our time comes..

we booked them as soon as it was possible.. we also got them for our engagement shoot..

during our engagement shoot, they made us feel realaxed.. and they made us look great.. :p

during the wedding.. they were able to capture the details i worked hard on.. :p

my only regret is that they weren't able to take an overhead shot.. a great shot i imagined since booking st therese..
my fault though for not giving them a must-take list..

but what i really like is they were able to capture the mood of the wedding.. everyone looked happy and relaxed.. and even w/o video, we are able to see the story of the day..

and you see real and heartfelt all througout..


more photos here:
church ceremony
bride & groom pictorials
the reception
group pictorials
wedding details

and our onsite avp is here

Saturday, August 21, 2010

supplier rating: party pics

rating system:
3 - great!!
2 - good
1 - hassle

photobooth: party pics live

on the day: 3
service: 3

we know our friends and family love hamming it up in front of cameras.. so getting a photobooth as souvenirs made sense..

party pics had the most reasonable packages at the time of booking and they were having a discount promo so we booked them already..

they were very easy to deal with.. everything was via email.. and they respond very promptly and helpfully..

i wanted to customize the backdrop and the grid template.. they provided very clear instructions and some samples..

good thing joan just used plain white backdrop for her backdrop on her wedding.. it was easy to extract our photo to check out how my design would look.. :p
when i gave back the files, edgar said they were perfect.. wehehe.. :p

our guests seemed to enjoy the photobooth..

towards the end, most guests have left.. the operator told us we still had time left on the booth.. so we went for goofy shots.. :p

all photos except the first two are from party pics..

more photos here:
party pics gallery
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